We offer a wide variety of services to help restaurants in the Mitten achieve extraordinary results

e-commerce & SEO

We build each e-commerce store with 2 goals in mind. 1. Making it easy for the customer to order. 2. You getting the order and making money with less effort. We are proud of the many e-commerce sites we have built, it really does give us a sense of pride when you make customers happy and make more money. 

Our process is simple. We have a design meeting. You tell us exactly what you want, and we take it back and develop the site! We have an efficient process so turnaround time is typically 3-5 business days!

We also offer robust SEO. Build your local audience organically!

Did we mention that we are the most affordable developer out there for your restaurant?

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Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards have been a fun addition to our arsenal for restaurants. Adding fresh, and eye catching menu boards is a great way to increase revenue in house. You instantly dress up the front of the house too!

We offer both Free and Premium Digital Menu Boards. We don’t just Design and deploy the menus either. We are able to get and install TV’s for the menus as well!

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P.O.S. & Kiosk

We are excited to offer Oliver POS. We partnered with Oliver because of a few things;

  1. The ability to offer a POS that can be on a touch screen monitor, tablet or phone.
  2. The ability to offer a kiosk. Believe it or not, having a kiosk is almost just as important to having an e-commerce store, and offers customers another option to skip the line.
  3. We are able to integrate our online ordering. We connect your online store and orders print right from your pos. 
  4. Cost. Cost should almost be #1, but truthfully the other pieces we extremely important to us, to partner with the right POS. We are proud to offer a low cost option for a POS. In fact likely the lowest cost POS around. 
  5. Equipment. We are able to install the POS on just about any equipment, so options are pretty endless. 
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Our advertising platform is unique. We offer ad space on menu boards. We came up with this notion because what are menu boards anyway? They’re billboards. It’s a great way to increase your brand awareness to local clients!


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IT & Tech Services

At the heart of who we are, is IT and Tech. We love this world and that’s why we have dedicated ourselves to be the best. Along with our other services, we also offer POS, PC and Electronic repair and recycling. PC and Camera installation too. We are able to source just about anything you need in this arena! 

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