Step by Step Guide to Choosing The Right e-commerce Developer for you

Choosing a web developer has become almost like choosing a car. So many options out there and all you hope is you don’t end up with a lemon.

We are going to walk you through the best steps for choosing your e-commerce developer.

Local or Remote

Being local to you, or remote is part of the battle. Why? When you are in the US for instance, and start talking to developers over seas you will see that they have a hard time understanding our dialect. Their hourly rate might be cheaper, but the amount of hours it takes them will be more vs an American developer.

What’s astounding is that 90% of the time an over seas developer will take close to double the hours to complete a project just because of dialect alone. We feel like this also makes the case for geographically local developers vs in country remote developers too. Unless your developer has a specific niche in a field for e-commerce it’s important to make sure that the developer you hire understands and can map out a game plan for your success based on your needs.


When searching for a developer it’s important to know what knowledge they possess. It is important to understand if they possess Web Development skills, Graphic Design skills, security, hosting, backlink, blog, etc.

However studies find that developers with vast business knowledge as well as the above mentioned skills are a more valuable to you the business owner/operator because they understand what you need to operate your business. In fact developers with vast business knowledge build websites that outperform sites developed by those who don’t by almost 40%.

Show and tell

When hiring a developer it is important to be able to see or have access to see their work. Have the developer tell you about a few clients and successes. Ask them what they enjoyed about particular projects. After all it’s your money, you should interview them.

Equally as important to showing you and discussing projects they’ve done, have them come up with a plan for your particular site and provide details on how it will help you generate more revenue, and show what they think the customers experience will be and how you will generate more revenue. Happy customers and more revenue is the name of the game!

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